Current and forecast water level information for the River Teise is now available here.


The Teise looks splendid in the summer and access to these lovely streaming bits of the river offers some excellent sport. However having the river looking this good and having access does not happen by accident.

Work starts whilst still in the grey bleak months and there are quite a lot of bank works being planned in preparation for the new season.
The support of many members, old and new, will be needed and appreciated.

Details of times and locations are as follows;

Date: 13 April 2019 Time: 10am to 12 noon Venue: To be advised

We will be clearing out debris from the river and clearing the banks to make more swims available and accessible to anglers.


As part of our conservation initiatives the Harpers Weir was removed in February 2016, together with some bank profiling.
The work costing about £30,000 was funded by Defra. Despite some initial concerns it is now clear from photographs and recent visits to the river that the removal of the weir has been a resounding success.

Further works were carried out subsequently to improve the habitat for fish, wild life and anglers. This stretch of the river is now proving to be a favorite with members. For more details see the Enviroment Agency press release here.

The Gallery section contains images taken both before and after the Harpers Weir Removal project.


Members may use the Contact page email facility to provide the Secretary and Head Bailiff with details of all fish caught. These catch returns should include the following information;

Date, total number of fish caught, the number of them taken home and the number released, the beat location and if possible the approximate size or weight of each fish and the fly used.

However, we also have a dedicated page for Catch Returns to make this both easier and quicker. This also assists the club in formulating policies in respect of the numbers of fish stocked, the size of fish and also locations where stocking is needed in order to improve members experiences on both the river and the reservoir.

We hope that members will assist us by using this facility particularly as it is simple to use and can be done on a smart mobile phone virtually all along the river bank depending on your mobile phone service provider.