The River Teise

The River Teise is a tributary of the River Medway. Mostly flowing through farmland the river bed is generally Kent clay but there are numerous sections of gravel and rock. There are a multitude of different facets to the river which makes for continually interesting fishing as the river moves from streamy to fast running, shallow pools to deep ones, narrow to wide areas, low to high banks and a weir. Good summer flows are maintained as Bewl Water Reservoir is obliged to release water in to the Teise. As you would expect from its rural farming nature there is an abundance of wildlife and domesticated animals along the river . Apart from the expected aquatic life there are myriad species of insects, bats, birdlife including waterfowl, owls and numerous members have been mesmerised by the brilliant neon blue flash of a kingfisher as it streaks over the river.

Extent and Access

The Society controls approximately seven miles of the river between Goudhurst, Marden and Collier Street. These are mostly double bank except where tree or bush growth reduces access to a single bank.

There are a number of access points to the the river and from most points at least half of the Society's fishing can be negotiated on foot.

The Society has made arrangements with a number of the riparian owners to provide both access and parking facilities along the length of the controlled fishing.