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Rules are necessary to help ensure that the river and the fish in it are respected and all members have chance to enjoy their membership. The membership card details these rules but the font size is small and they can seem a bit complex to follow. Thank you to Peter Burnett for translating them into a form more easily digested!  

Teise Anglers and Owners Association. Simplified Rules for 2021 Season.


1.When can I fish?

With Trout Season Membership:

River Trout: 3rd April to 31st October

Grayling: 16th June to 31st October

Coarse Fishing: 16th June to 31st October

Reservoir: all year round.

With Winter Fishing Membership (Coarse incl Grayling)

River 1st November to 14th March

Times: Dawn to one hour after Dusk.


2. What can I use?

  • Artificial flies on all waters. No more than 2 files on a line. Maximum hook size 8.

  • Weights must be non-toxic and can only be used directly at the head of a fly.

  • Barbless/crimped hooks only must be used.

  • Landing nets must be knotless.

  • You cannot use float tackle, leger weights, keep nets or strike indicators (except for Coarse Fishing).

  • The use of a Klinkhammer or similar buoyant dry fly for ‘Klink and Dink’, ‘Duo’ or ‘New-Zealand style’ nymphing is permitted.

  • On Beat 4 only, i.e., between Concrete Pedestrian Bridge (down from Tractor Bridge at Harper’s) and the river division above Marden Beech:

  • Other Methods: worms; minnow; or spinning using lures with no more than 2 hooks, barbless (or crimped).


3. What can I catch?

  • No more than 50 trout may be taken (i.e., caught and retained) in a Membership Year.

  • No trout may be taken if less than 12”.

Note: In July and August, members may be asked to keep all Rainbows caught (up to the limit), and to not return them. This is to prevent distress to stocked fish in warm weather conditions. Members will be advised during the season if this rule is to be applied.


On the River:

  • Up to 4 trout may be caught in a day whether kept or released.

  • No more than 8 trout may be taken in any 7 day period.

  • No more than 12 trout may be caught in any 7-day period (but only 4 trout if caught by Other Methods on Beat 4).

  • Barbless/crimped hooks only must be used.

  • If using Other Methods on Beat 4, up to 2 trout may be taken.

  • Members may revert to fly fishing if they have fulfilled their quota using Other Methods on Beat 4 and may continue to fish up to the 4 trout quota.

  • Fishing should cease in all cases when the allowed quotas for caught trout are reached.

  • All Grayling must be returned.

  • Wading is allowed though minimal disturbance is requested, specially to gravel beds and spawning areas. Members are recommended to use a wading stick and beware of deep pools. N.B. the riverbed changes frequently due to regular floods.


On the Reservoir:

  • No more than 4 members may fish the reservoir at any one time.

  • Members may only fish twice in any 7 days.

  • Barbless/crimped hooks only must be used.

  • No more than 2 flies can be used on one line.

  • No indicators, bung flies etc (as defined above) are allowed.

  • A maximum of 4 fish may be caught in a day, of which up to 2 may be taken.

  • Reservoir catch limits are in addition to the river catch limits.


4. Winter Fishing

  • Winter fishing is allowed on beats 3a,3b, 3c and 4 (from Stonebridge to river division) and beats 6, 7 (but not beat 5).

  • A winter fishing licence must be obtained from the secretary and the appropriate fee paid.

  • Coarse fishing may use worms; minnow; or spinning using lures with no more than 2 barbless/crimped hooks (i.e. Other Methods as defined above), plus floats, legers, maggots or bait.

  • Only barbless (or crimped) hooks may be used.

  • All trout caught by these methods must be released with as little damage as possible.

5. Conduct

  • Members must carry their Membership Cards and a valid current EA Rod Licence.

  • All members should complete a catch return for every visit to each beat even if no fish are caught.

  • Catch Returns should be submitted online via the website, or by text, or email, within one week of each visit.

  • No dogs, fires, picnics, or shooting are allowed.

  • Any trout caught must not be sold.

  • Members should not confront anyone thought to be fishing illegally, but should report the incident to the bailiffs as soon as it is safe to do so without being seen.


6. Bailiffs

  • Bailiffs are authorised to check compliance, and if necessary, escort from the area of the river, any member who:

    • Fails to carry a valid Rod Licence and Membership Card.

    • Uses non-compliant fishing tackle.

    • Has fish not caught in accordance with the rules

    • Is under the influence of alcohol or drugs, is found littering the river, or not acting in accordance with the rules.

    • Is with a dog on land where dogs are not permitted or where, in their opinion, the dog is not under control.

  • Members are required to comply with all requests or instructions from the bailiffs including but not limited to asking members to relocate to another fishing area.


​7. Guests

  • Guest permits are limited to 4 per season per member (unless special dispensation is obtained from the Secretary) and are issued for specific days on payment of the appropriate fee, in advance.

  • Guests may fish the reservoir with their sponsoring member.

  • The Riparian Owners require that the club and members are responsible for ensuring that their guests obey all club rules and conventions.

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