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Spot Guide  - Beat 2b

Beat 2b (Share Farm)

Park at the top of Share Farm Drive (unless it is too muddy), or at Nevergood Farm Yard, and walk down as far as the Ironbridge footbridge. Access to 2b is through the locked gate on the left, and is only fishable on the LB.


The first access point ///pebbles.customers.survive can be good for wild Browns, and gives access to a small pool just below the footbridge. An access point further downstream /// allows wading up to the first point.

The next spot is down steep steps (with a rope) /// and is above a deep pool, which often has Chub as well as trout. Below that is a long stretch with a wide shaded area at the top ///accompany.twists.ringers that often has wild Browns rising, A similar stretch occurs further down ///dynamic.correctly.ketchup again with rising Browns above it, and a narrow stretch at the bottom emptying into a very wide deep pool ///random.hotspots.arch which is inaccessible except by fishing down from that point.

Some access is possible around the bend below that pool, but is quite overgrown with willows and hard to fish ///voltages.refutes.megawatt. Further down still is another spot accessible using a rope /// and can be fished up or down and is often productive.

After that, there is a steep slope down to a (usually) dried up stream; climb down to the stream bed and up the other side, then over a fallen willow to another spot ///cone.reset.shady on a very slow deep stretch.

Finally, the river opens out into a very wide and shady pool, ///disarmed.person.chops which was the subject of much restoration work last year, Again Chub can be found here, and various species, but it has not been very productive as yet. There is some access possible below that pool as far as the Monk’s Water boundary, though the river is wide and shallow there. It’s necessary to retrace your steps after that, as there is no access to Monk’s Water.

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