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Spot Guide - Beat 3b

Beat 3b Harpers

Left Bank

From the Harpers Car Park, you’ll naturally walk down to the Footbridge and you can then fish upstream either on the LB or RB. This is probably the busiest beat and can be popular in good weather throughout the season, and for Grayling and coarse fish in the Winter. It is also popular with walkers and quite often with dogs.

Harpers 3b LB can be fished right under the footbridge and up the beach, but access is very tricky down a precarious and slippery path then down an old tree stump ///sing.boomers.shame . This access is not for the faint-hearted and getting back up can be even harder, though it may be possible to wade across near the top of the beach to a spot on the RB. It can however yield Grayling or Trout in the fast water near the bridge or in the smooth glide upstream.

The next spot upstream on the LB is in the gully ///back.nutty.month where an old stream used to enter. This is quite a fast run fished from a static spot, which often yields trout but claims many nymphs on the rocks. Grayling have also been caught at the top of that section on the bend.

Up the other side of the gully, into the Blackcurrant field, and there is another spot on the left where you can enter the river for wading ///rift.outcasts.banana . This is shallow rapid water, good for Browns, and can be waded up as far as the next spot, just below the Landslip Pool, ///craters.thundered.bowhead . This spot allows fishing up into the (very deep) pool, or across the wide glide below that pool. Trout can often be caught at the outflow of the pool, and sometimes Grayling or Dace in the calm section.

The Landslip Pool can also be fished from above though the steps ///talker.nappy.contrived have eroded badly, so it might be tricky immediately above the very deep pool. That access also allows entry into the river slightly higher up where it is shallower, for wading up or fishing down into the big pool. The section above the pool has been improved by deflectors and now has some very good rapids for Trout or Grayling. Wading up that section you eventually reach a very shallow glide which is the start of Grayling Alley, which needs to be fished from the RB.

Proceeding further, just before the big pipe across the river, is another set of steps ///skewed.snaps.scrubber down to the top of a nice shady pool under an Oak which often has Browns and Rainbows and Dace. Wading up the rapids stretch above that takes you to a wide glide which can be good for dry fly (Grayling, Dace, Trout) and eventually you reach the last spot just below the Outfall Pool. That spot can also be reached down steps and a short ladder ///refills.visual.croutons where Grayling can often be seen at the outflow from the pool. It is also possible to cross the river here to fish the pool from the RB. This marks the top of Beat 3b LB.

Beat  3b Harpers 

Right Bank.

Starting from the Footbridge, the first spot is opposite the gully, ///dating.starred.reverses down steep steps using a rope. A small beach allows fishing the fast but snaggy stretch, and the rapids on the bend above that. Returning the same way, there is another entry point to the river down extremely steep steps via a rope ///youths.repaying.persuade . Return up the rope is probably not feasible, so this access is to wade the stretch of rapids up to the wide glide.

The Glide can be reached further up the RB, via a ladder to a narrow platform /// but getting out of the river is usually not possible back onto the RB, except back up the ladder. The best access to the Landslip Pool is further up the LB through some trees and down steep steps ///tags.deaf.dressings . From there it is possible to wade up the RB to the rapids and then to Grayling Alley.

Grayling Alley ///customers.obviously.towel allows fishing for small Grayling, and sometimes Trout, in the very shallow pool at the bottom, then up the narrow channel to the pool under the Oak tree. This is particularly good for dry fly, and Grayling are often seen rising here, or sitting, when the water is clear. This is best fished from the bank to avoid disturbance. It is possible to wade up the shallow rapids above the pool, but then you need to return, or cross over to the LB to wade as far as the Outfall pool.

The last access point on the RB ///carpentry.ulterior.loudly is to the Outfall Pool where you can normally see Grayling (often small, or even tiny) rising in the bubble stream from the Outfall, sometimes prolifically, though they can be very hard to catch, even with size 20 dries or smaller. The top end of that pool can yield large trout or large coarse fish (especially Chub or Bream), in the turbulent water. There are also some serious snags there, and the fishing spot is well above the water level and needs a long-handled net; that spot is slippery when wet and the pool is deep and dangerous there. There is a further spot upstream on the RB, which is technically Beat 3a, ///constrain.precluded.activism though you can walk further to see the fish refuge constructed in late 2023.

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