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If you look at the Parking Guide or the Spot Guide you will find they refer to locations and also provide a ( perhaps) strange looking reference such as this .... ///repelled.journey.diagram

This is a What3Words (W3W) reference. If you’ve never heard of this, you really should look it up - it’s a clever and useful tool.

It can be installed on your smartphone (iPhones or Android) and you can also access it from your desktop PC/Laptop. The website is and it will tell you everything you want to know, and you can get the App from wherever you usually download your Apps.

Basically, W3W reference will identify a small square anywhere in the world using – er – just 3 words. W3W references have been added to the Car Parking Guide, and also to the Spot Guide, to help new members find the best spots on the river. The precise size of any square can depend on how good the phone’s reception was when that square was pinpointed on the river bank. For that reason, you may find that your phone gives a different reference when you stand on any one spot. The point is, that the references in the Spot Guide should steer you pretty close to the access point for the Spot that is described in the Guide.

You do that by entering the 3 word combination into the W3W App on your phone, and press the search icon, and/or if necessary, the navigate button. You can also look up the references using the W3W website before you set out, to get a mental map of the beat in your head.

You can also ignore these references completely of course, but it’s still worth knowing about W3W, if only in case you get injured and want to call in a rescue helicopter – it’s better than saying “by the big willow on the fourth bend at Trottenden”.

If you find any references are very inaccurate (entirely possible) please let us know. We will correct as well as add new (or omitted) Spots and update the Guides in due course.

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