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A False Start

Having desperately anticipated the 3rd of April to get down on the river, there are a lot of frustrated members sitting at home tying a few extra flies just now. The weather has conspired to raise the river to an unmageable level, and several people have visited Harpers only to turn around and drive home, after contemplating the muddy water hurtling past half way up the bank. You really shouldn't forget to check out the levels on the government website : before you set out. A few people may fish up to about 50cm but 40cm is far more manageable and 30cm is probably the norm. Above 40cm it will probably mean nymphing with heavy tungsten beads, and a lot of luck (and maybe a squirmy), plus good grips on your boots for climbing the slippery banks.

I checked the levels earlier this evening, after a fairly dry day, and this is what it looked like:

I usually look at the Lamberhurst reading as well as Stonebridge, as that location generally rises and falls before Stonebridge does, but as you see here, they were both ridiculous and dangerously unfishable. If you click on the Stonebridge line, it will show you the last few days' levels, plus a projection for the next day or so. That projection is not always accurate, especially when the river is low, as it depends on the weather in the catchment upstream, and we know how unpredictable that can be. It can't tell you how coloured the water is of course, but it will always be bad for a few days at least, after the sort of heavy rain and high levels we've been having recently.

Don't forget the reservoir if you're desperate, but please don't try and park near the reservoir itself, as you will definitely get stuck, and it'll probably remain boggy there until we have a drought. Instead, park alongside the track parallel to the farm buildings, near the horses, but try not to churn up the grass there. The reservoir should have plenty of trout in it from last October, as very few have been caught, but they are proving elusive. Please put in a catch return even if you blank there, as we really need to know how often it gets visited.

Meanwhile keep tying those flies (and if you want some help, come to the Fly-Tying evening on 10th at Lamberhurst, but contact Keith Tiley first), and lets pray for some dry weather.

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Yes ... highly frustrating Peter and I agree with your guidelines on fishable depths. A reminder that Members can quickly access the current depth at Stonebridge by using the button on the home page of the our Website

Mike W

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