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A guaranteed fish

It's not often you can say that about the the Teise at the moment. A few very proficient members have landed a few Browns lately, but the Rainbows are still being stubbornly uncooperative. I'm counting on the cold weather bringing a change of heart in the trout and a change of fortune in the Catch Returns.

Meanwhile a very select group of members met together last night and were guaranteed a very nice fish, and chips, peas, tartar sauce, and a pint of Harveys, all for a very reasonable price. This was of course another meeting of the Teise Fly-Tying club at the Chequers in Lamberhurst.

The challenge was to tie a Klinkhammer, and as you'll see below, it wasn't easy, but worth the effort.

It bears more than a passing resemblance to the Hi-Vis Indicator Caddis I've been using this season, with great success on both Rainbows and Grayling, so I reckon it's a winner.

If you want a very convivial evening watching and learning about fly-tying (you don't have to actually do it) as well as other fishy matters, mark your diary for 8th November at 7:30pm.

Where else can you guarantee a nice fish, especially once the season closes?



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