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Bling on the Teise

Apart from the glittering flash of a Rainbow or a Grayling as it races away with your nymph, there are are other treasures around on the river. Of course you have a great chance of glimpsing the iridescent streak of one of our Kingfishers, but you probably have a better chance of spotting some sparkling Dragonflies or Damsels. There are lots of Banded Demoiselles everywhere at the moment, and a few Emperor Dragonflies which are scarily big, but watch out for this one:

This is a Golden Ringed Dragonfly, snapped by Keith T, and they are big! They're also quite uncommon in this region, so we're lucky to be able to see them here each year.

If you'd like to know more about these, or identify some others you've spotted, you could try: amongst other sources.

Regardless of whether you know what they are, these bejewelled creatures are sure to enhance your visit to the river.



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