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Last chance for a treat

Don't forget that you only have a couple more weeks to enjoy the delights of Trottenden and Share Farm this season. In particular, if you haven't already been down to see our restoration of the big pool at the end of the Share Farm beat, you really should, as it's now even better.

Most of last week's workparty went down again today to complete the task and secure the huge trunks to protect the bank. OK they were far too big to pull out of the river anyway, but they're put to good use now.

We also restored the paths and steps and put in new ones and even a rope.Pure luxury now.

Thanks again to Nigel, Andrew and Keith for their sterling work (and putting up with my jokes). Our work-parties really do make a difference, and they are pretty enjoyable too, but there's (always) more work to do, so try and join us next time.


Peter B


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