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Levelling up and down

If you regularly look at the government river levels website you'll have seen some strange patterns lately. Up until Saturday 29th Jan, we were having a sawtooth pattern as the river constantly rose and fell between 0.27m and 0.17m, continually. It was possible to observe the changing levels if you spent a few hours there, and it was very strange. The fluctuation seems to have levelled off now, and we have contacted Southern Water to try and find out what was going on, but don't hold your breath for a quick explanation.

Meanwhile, a small but perfectly-formed Working Group was led by Nigel on Saturday to help 'level up' the lower parts of Beat 3c and the start of Beat 4, in order to tempt members away from the more worn sections of Harpers. We created a substantial barrier not far below the Tractor Bridge to encourage a deep channel, which, before long, should be perfect for Grayling and Trout. We then moved on below the Green Concrete Bridge, and hacked a new opening through the Blackthorn to a nice spot on the left bank which will be completed by a small ladder, in time for the new season. Finally we tidied up the roses and briars impeding the access to the ladder further along that bank, so there are now several good points to fish from or enter the river. Many thanks to Yvette and John for their hard work and good company; do explore downstream and you'll be pleasantly surprised.

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