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What's in a number?

You'll know the expression:'Two's company, three's a crowd', but now Four's a Limit.

Just in case you missed it in the joining instructions this year (or in the summary of The Association Rules on the website), there is currently a limit of 4 trout per day, whether returned or not. This was a temporary limit brought in when Covid was producing some overcrowding on some beats. It is still in place for this season, but do let the committee know if you think it should be lifted, or retained. You can do this at the AGM at the end of the year, or by emailing them directly at any time.

Quite honestly a limit of 4 has not often been an issue for many of us (myself included) in the past, but this season the fishing has been so good that lots of members (in addition to the usual suspects) are reaching the limit, sometimes too easily. If you think that's happening to you, much quicker than planned, try switching to dries instead of nymphs perhaps? There are plenty of Browns in the river now, and they should be more inclined to rise now that the weather is warming up. Personally, I find it more fun to see a trout rise to my fly, than the tug of a trout on a nymph, so I'll probably be limiting my catch that way from now on, but not limiting my enjoyment.

It seems that Hare's Ear nymphs have been particularly effective so far, though I have found that almost any very heavy tungsten jigs fished euro-nymph style have been pretty effective in the deep pools. I'd love to hear what dries you are catching on in the catch returns, so do share your secrets. I will be trying some olive or grey Wulffs for the greedy trout, and maybe my favourite Double Badgers for the shy picky ones, but definitely not where there are likely to be Grayling around, as they love 'em too much.

Enjoy the sport anyway, and remember, it's called fishing, not catching.



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