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A Healthy River!

As the name suggests, Teise Anglers and Conservation Society is concerned with the well-being of the river as well as fishing it! A great deal of effort is put into maintaining and enhancing the condition of the river. It was therefore very encouraging that at the end of 2019 we received positive news about the health of the river.

During September an electro fishing audit was carried out on behalf of Southern Water at Harper's. They reported to Stuart our bailiff that the stretch is:-

“incredibly healthy with over 12 species found including baby Barbel and an unusually high number of Grayling . A large number of Minnows, Gudgeon, Dace and Chubb were also present. Several rainbows and over 15 brown trout up to 4 pounds were also found. Our view is that this was one of the healthiest stretches of river we have tested”.


Then in October the EA carried out an audit at Small Bridge and Iron Bridge which again produced positive feedback with healthy stocks of Brown and Rainbow trout as well as Chub; Gudgeon; Roach; Stone Loach; Lamphrey; Bull Head and Minnow. It is promising that the conservation efforts of the club, its members and Bailiffs appear to be having a positive effect.

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