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The river has a thriving indigenous population of brown trout but throughout the season this is augmented by regular stocking of triploid (non breeding) rainbow and brown trout ranging in weight from one to four pounds. The Society sources locally raised well conditioned, hard fighting trout. 

The river also boasts a stable breeding stock of Grayling which were initially introduced by members of the Society some forty years ago prior to the current Environment Agency embargo.




The typical fishery average is two trout or more per visit, of an average weight of one and a quarter pounds although two to three pound fish are frequently caught and following requests by the members the Society stocks some rainbows at four pounds or more. As a result over the last few seasons some five pound rainbows have been hooked and landed.

Members are allowed to catch a maximum of four trout per day, which may be taken or returned. No more than twelve fish can be caught in any seven day period up to eight of which may be taken.

About two-thirds of the fishery is reserved solely for fly fishing. Members can use both wet or dry flies and there is no "casting upstream only" requirement. On certain designated beats where access is more challenging, other methods i.e. bait or spinning are permitted.



Winter Fishing


Winter fishing for Grayling and coarse fish is available to members on specified reserved sections of the fishery and the river boasts Bream, Perch, Pike and Chub in excess of five pounds.

This video shows early season fishing on one of the Teise beats ..if you have not time to watch it all then at 3 minutes in you can see a nice Teise brown being caught!

2 rainbows trottendenIMG_2717.jpeg
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