Invertebrate Survey

The club is fortunate that at regular intervals during the year a survey of the invertebrate life in the river is carried out. This not only gives us valuable indicators as to the health of the river ...but also some clues as to what flies to use! The latest survey in 2020 noted that:-

"Great news, I completed June's invertebrate survey on Friday and the river is looking in exceptional condition. After low numbers in early March, I thought this would impact the season. However the reverse. It was one of the best samples I've taken on the river. Alas I could only do Small Bridge and Harpers this time, but results were great in both. 


Small Bridge

Excellent diversity of invertebrates. Predominantly caseless caddis, olives and blue winged olives. I also picked up a few shrimp and good showing of stonefly. All indicates really good water conditions. While I was sampling a number of mayfly were coming off too. All in all I would expect some fine evening fishing action over the coming weeks on dry flies. 


Total number of invertebrates was 217, significantly higher than last year


Harpers above the old weir

Good showing of caseless caddis, olives and blue winged olives. I also saw some heptigeniidea and stone fly. All indicating good water conditions. I also spotted a lot of fry. I can see this piece of water developing well over the coming years, if we maintain the quality of conditions I picked up on this sampling. 


Harpers between stream and lower bridge

Very similar to above the weir, but with a bit more mayfly. It scored 144 in total. Twice as many since the same time last year. 


In conclusion I think members will be experiencing some good sport over the summer and they should definitely try the river in the evening for maximum opportunity for dry fly fishing. "


Which augurs well for the rest of the season from a fishing point of view!

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