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Parking for some Beats is more convenient than for others and members need to be aware that an amount of walking is necessary to get to some of the beats.

Designated parking areas exist at:

Trottenden Farm (beats 2a, 2b) (4 cars)

Nevergood Farm Yard (for Share Farm, beats 2a, 2b) (2 cars)

Stonebridge (beat 3a) (4 cars)

Harper’s Farm (beats 3b, 3c, 4) (4 cars)

Great Cheveney Farm (beat 4) (2 cars)

Bainden Lane (beat 4) (2 cars)

Bockingfold (beats 7, 6) (3 cars)

Reservoir (4 cars) but park near farm buildings if ground muddy, not beside reservoir.

Roadside parking may be available at members’ own risk at: Smallbridge (beat 1);

Lidwell’s Lane (for beats 2a, b) and  Gaffords Bridge layby (beat 6)

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