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A Baker's Dozen

It might have been the good weather, or Andrew's home-made sausage rolls, or Nigel's teas and coffees, or even the choc-chip cookies, but something produced another record turn-out for a work-party.

This time we worked on Beat 4 (down the Left Bank from Harpers and past the Green Concrete Footbridge). We installed some more deflectors to try and improve that stretch, as it is rather straight and unexciting at present. We'd cut and stashed various big tree trunks and branches on Beat 3c earlier in the year, and these were floated down to the work-site where they were manoeuvred and staked into place.

As you see, we had a number of junior members helping out this time, which considerably improved the average age of the work-party members. We also had a number of new members and some who didn't know the river very well yet, so it was a great opportunity for them to explore the river and pick up tips and from colleagues. Contact Nigel if you want to get involved in future, as it's a fun morning as well as a useful opportunity.

As you'll appreciate, all those members in one place meant that parking at Harpers was at a premium, so just a reminder that if you do park there, please leave as much room as possible for 4 cars to park in our space, so squeeze up close to the tin shack and to each other.

Many thanks

Peter B

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1 Comment

Apr 14

Great effort ...well done and thank you to all!


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