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Another funny-looking Trout?

No, I didn't really think this was a trout, but apparently it did. It grabbed a Gold-head Damsel nymph, and failed to bite through the leader in its usual style. This was on Beat 7 (Bockingfold) and was accompanied by 4 real trout (well done, John), so Beat 7 is definitely back in action, and well worth a visit. You'll find that the river there is wide and slow, and very different from the rest of the Beats, and the parking is just about as close as you could get. We're very keen to know how it is fishing now that the sluice has been repaired, so don't forget to put in a return.

It was clearly well worth venturing off the beaten tracks of Beat 3b, 3c or 2a which are the most heavily fished, so if you fancy something a little different, you really should try Beat 1 or 2b, as well as 7, but you may find you have them to yourself. For the really adventurous, Beats 6, 5, and (except the uppermost part of) Beat 4, are very wild and challenging, but extremely rewarding.

Do look at the Spot Guides for Beats 1, 2, 3 before you try them for the first time, and you can ignore the What3Words references if you don't find them useful. We haven't produced guides for 4, 5, 6 but if you do fish them and find some good spots, let me know (with W3W refs if possible) and I'll put them together in a new spot guide.

As for the current fishing, there have been lots of good returns but it seems that as soon as the river gets to its normal level and is just starting to clear, we get another downpour and up it goes again, and the builders fill it with their tea. It's on the way down again now and has reached fishable level, but it will need several more dry days before it clears enough for some dry fly action I suspect.

Finally a plea: If you happen to be on Beat 2a, keep your eyes peeled for a lost iPhone in a black case. It may be on the bank or it could be in the water, but nevertheless the owner would be delighted to be reunited with it, and is offering a reward. Contact me or any of the committee members if you do come across it.

Many Thanks


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