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Masterclasses on the Teise

Nearly a dozen members got together today for a Masterclass from two of our expert members. Peter Verrinder talked about nymphing as well as some river fishing fundamentals, then Jeremy Lucas explained the basics of dry fly fishing for Trout and Grayling. They each then took a group down to the river to demonstrate how it is done.

I was keen to see Jeremy's famous plume-tip dry flies in action, and he did a great job of showing us how to keep those delicate flies afloat and beautifully presented.

We are very grateful to both members for their time and patience, and I'm sure that everybody took away some valuable tips for next time.

Just to show that it was all worthwhile, I went down again later that day and caught a lovely Grayling on one of Jeremy's plume tips, so it was certainly a great lesson for me!

Thanks too to Mike for organising it.

Peter B

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