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Not Another One!

Well, yes, it is another blog post hot on the heels of the last one, and yet another map with blobs on,

but more to the point, it's another Annual Report of the Angling Trust's Water Quality Monitoring Network which can be found at

The map above shows the distribution of WQMN volunteers, which includes our own club down in the bottom right corner. You can read all about the WQMN in the report, and some sterling work going on in the Upper Medway and elsewhere. In case you're wondering what's going on with our own river, I'm delighted to report that our own results so far are really, really boring. We haven't exceeded any of the acceptable levels of Nitrates, Phosphates or Electrical Conductivity readings. We test for those monthly, just below Harpers Footbridge, and here are the results so far :

WQMN Teise Tests
Download XLSX • 15KB

As I said, very boring, and long may it stay that way. We are hoping to get some more data from Southern Water in due course, and I'll let you know if we find anything slightly less boring. Meanwhile, whilst I don't recommend actually drinking the river water, we should be grateful that the Teise doesn't seem to be suffering the way many other rivers are, and let's hope it stays just as boring for a long time.



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04. Apr.

I would like to see e.coli test results before drinking this stuff. TC.

Gefällt mir
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