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Updated: May 28

What a lovely tranquil spot for a day's fishing! This was the scene on Beat 3c a few days ago, and I had a very pleasant few hours catching and losing several trout. It saves all that meesing about with a landing net after all.

Another member fished the same beat today and lost more than a few trout sadly. He'd left his fishing bag (see below) on the bank, and somebody else took a fancy to it and walked off with it. Very annoying, but a valuable lesson to us all, especially on those beats where the public also have access to the river bank, which is particularly true of Harper's.

I have never managed to achieve the minimalist style when fishing, and for several years I augmented my over-stuffed fly vest with a shoulder bag as well (you need somewhere for your sandwiches after all). It was a bit unwieldy at times, and very tempting to leave it on the bank when wading. If you do the same, it's probably worth taking it down to river's edge, where it can't be seen by passers-by. After experimenting with one of those swivel bags that you can push behind you or pull round in front, my latest solution is a fly-vest with a built-in backpack, which seems to work quite well for me. If you do take a bag however, be careful, and keep it safe.

In the interests of keeping everyone safe, we had another work-party down on Beats 2a and 2b yesterday. It wasn't the biggest workparty we've had, but we installed some new steps in Field 4 at Trottenden, and reinforced the eroding river bank in a popular spot at Share Farm. We achieved a good morning's work between the five of us, but struggled to consume all the coffee (thanks Nigel) home-made sausage rolls (thanks Andrew) and doughnuts (thanks Jempsons) with the help of Matt and Dexter. Do feel free to join us and help with the elevenses next time :-)



P.S. It was a green and khaki Daiwa shoulder bag, so if you come across it, please contact the committee.

P.P.S. We also have a fly box found on Beat 2a a few weeks ago, so if you have lost one, please contact me or Nigel.

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