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I am pleased to announce that we have now added extra functionality to enhance your enjoyment of browsing the blog. It's now possible to add comments to any new posts.

When you reach the end of the post, skip past the 'Recent Posts' stuff, and you'll see a box to add your own comment.

Write your contribution (something of interest and value to other members, and nothing offensive please), then click 'Publish'.

Please note that your comment will be listed as anonymous (by 'Guest'), so if you want to be identifiable, include your name at the end of your comment.

This will produce a drop down box and you will need to select 'Publish as Member' or 'Publish as Guest'. Rather confusingly, you need to select 'Guest' (since we don't require individual logins to access the site, therefore we are not 'Members' in terms that the website understands).

Final hurdle is to tick the 'I'm Not a Robot' Captcha box (unless you are a robot, in which case don't tick it).

You can also 'Reply' to an individual comment, using the link underneath it, but you have to go through the same process of click Publish, select Guest, tick Captcha etc.

The Captcha process will also sometimes ask you to do its picture quiz, if it suspects you're not being honest about not being a robot.

The TAOA is proud to be championing free speech on the blog, but nothing's completely free is it?



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Well I think that article does require a comment ....perhaps not as interesting as most you write but a chance to say how much your regular articles are appreciated! MW😊

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