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Are your flies undone?

Updated: May 11, 2023

As some of you will know, I am a bit obsessive about attaching all the important bits of kit to my fly vest using zingers or just bits of old fly-line. These include my priest, nippers, phone (in its waterproof pouch of course), camera, pliers, tippet spools, and most importantly ... fly-boxes. I know one person who lost a very full and comprehensive four-sided box of flies in the river and never saw them again.

If you think that the same thing has recently happened to you, perhaps in the vicinity of the Chain Pool on Beat 3C, you may be in luck. I found a fly box there today, and will be very happy to reacquaint it with its owner. I'll bring it along to the Fly-Tying evening this Wednesday, or you can email me at the usual address - - and I'll work out a way to get it to you. [Note: Fly-box and owner were joyfully reunited at the fly-tying evening, and promised to stay together in future]

I'm pleased to say I had a lovely session at Harpers today, taking advantage of the lowest water level for many weeks. Lots of Browns in evidence this time, and some very nice Rainbows, and all of them keen on a Duracell nymph, though one little Dace insisted on trying to take my Klinkhammer. The water temperature was well up on last month - nearly 14 degrees, so even with the impending rain tonight, the river should still be more lively over the next few weeks.

A few members are still confused about the catch limits for this season. As discussed at the last AGM, we are keeping the 4-fish limit that was introduced during Covid. That means that you must stop fishing for the day after you catch and land your 4th Trout (Brown or Rainbow). It doesn't make any difference if you keep or return any or all of them - the limit is still 4 fish caught. If you find this overly restrictive, then do feel free to air your views at the AGM, or in writing to our Chairman, and likewise if you like the limit and want it to remain. This is your club, and it's important that everyone has a say so that the committee can respond.

Wishing you all Tight Lines for an improved angling experience over the coming weeks.


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