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Bags of fun

The Catch Returns are coming in thick and fast - must be something to do with the prize draw we'll be holding based on them at the end of the year?

Lots of people are getting their quota of 4 fish, sometimes very easily and lovely fish they are too.

The key seems to be, understandably given the low water depth, to find a deep pool and use a heavy nymph. The newly stocked Rainbows don't seem to be too choosy about which nymph you use. A few nice Browns have also been caught, and I'm pleased to see that Share Farm has yielded a few Rainbows already; well done to Keith for being first, but there's at least one nice one there that I lost. We'll be down there mob-handed on Saturday to do some maintenance and general improvements.

Not much action on dries yet though a few have been successful. If you're at Harper's, do remember to not use anything likely to attract Grayling as they should be spawning not getting distracted by tasty imitations. Watch out for signs of poaching, especially in the evenings, but don't approach any miscreants; just contact Stuart and he'll handle it in his own inimitable way.

Meanwhile enjoy the sport and take advantage of the reasonable weather, and do let us know how it went.

Tight lines


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