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Brass Monkey Business

It seems that some people would rather stay at home in front of the TV, go shopping, or even birdwatching, rather than stand all day in a freezing river - very strange.

Luckily, several members were brave enough to join yesterday's work party and had a very rewarding experience as a result. These are some of the heroic band :

The location, in case you haven't recognised it, is just below the Tractor Bridge on Beat 3c, where there was a very flat and rather featureless glide. It'll soon be a lot more interesting.

And just in case you weren't sure how cold it was ...............

An heroic work-party indeed, and thanks to Tony for the pics.

The next event is on Saturday 17th February, so contact Nigel if you think you've been missing out. It might even be a bit warmer then.



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