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Call this a WORK Party?

OK they did have to install the log beforehand, and they had done a lot of work downstream earlier. You may recognise the spot as 'Grayling Alley' on Beat 3B. It's worth sitting there and watching the Grayling rising, and the Trout lying in plain sight, as they're all frustratingly difficult to catch at the moment, so you may as well just sit and watch them under the shade of the tree.

Actually this impressive work party did take out some seriously overgrown trees down near the Tractor Bridge, which should make quite a difference to another spot also frequented by Grayling.

I said this was an impressive work-party, as there were only 3 of them, so well done Tony, Andrew and Nigel. You can join them next time however, on 28th October, and 2nd December, for more sitting down, and maybe a bit of light exercise, in between the chatting and socialising. Don't miss it!




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