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Dam Beavers

OK it wasn't really Beavers that did this, but a team of guys from SERT (South East Rivers Trust) last Thursday. This was one of many trees earmarked for felling at various spots at Harpers. Unfortunately the weather and mechanical failures did not help, and only a couple of trees were actually felled.

They made good use of them however as you can see below.

This diverter was installed below the 'Landslip Pool', in addition to the brash berm on the far side. It should make quite a difference to an otherwise rather unexciting stretch of water.

I was sadly unable to help with the work myself, but luckily Nigel and Keith were both there, and I understand it was great education, seeing how the professionals do it. Unfortunately Nigel was called away to take delivery of the Siltex at the reservoir, leaving Keith holding the flag for the club for the rest of the day. Well done Keith, you're a star.

Don't forget that the next official work-party is Saturday 8th April at the Reservoir, and we will definitely need quite a few people there if we're to get the job done. I can guarantee it will be a challenge, a learning experience, and a lot of fun as well, so do try and get there.

Meanwhile, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the river falls to a sensible level by Monday 3rd.

Tight Lines


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