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Fly Fishing Fix

Here's a blog contribution from a member, at last. Feel free to send in your own, anytime, to Thanks for this Nigel.

Fishing on Film


While on a flight recently I watched a new movie called Mending The Line. It is about a US Marine, wounded in Afghanistan who is sent to a rehabilitation centre in Montana. There he meets a Vietnam veteran, played by Brian Cox, who teaches him to fly fish. This helps him to deal with his physical and psychological trauma.


We all know how fly-fishing can help provide us with a better perspective on life, and help us deal with everything that life throws at us, and that, along with our need to interact with other people, is the main premise of the movie.


I found the movie very enjoyable. The actors could have done with a few more casting lessons (PB: isn't that the Casting Director's job?) but there are some nice slow-motion sequences of trout rising to dry flies. The ending was slightly unexpected and, dare I say it, very Hollywood. However, I would recommend watching it if you get the opportunity.


It is probably the best film involving fly fishing since A River Runs Through It. Incidentally if you haven’t seen that movie then you should, or, even better, read the book.

And don't forget Salmon Fishing in the Yemen of course. Better still, get a Winter Fishing ticket and live the film, fishing for Grayling. It's a bit more challenging, and colder, but very therapeutic.



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