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Flying Tonight

The atrocious weather of last night didn't deter about 15% of the club's membership from gathering once more at the Chequers pub in Lamberhurst. The excellent deal of Fish and Chips and a free pint may have been one incentive, but the demos and discussions were more than worth the journey.

Once again our celebrity member Jeremy demonstrated some simple but very effective flies; this time it was Pheasant Tailed Nymphs - PTNs, and he showed us the pure Sawyer's style, and a few variations, and made it look very easy.

Our excellent host and organiser Keith then showed us how to tie another standard, the Hare's Ear (without the Gold ribs)and then he demonstrated the high-tech world of UV resin and its benefits for a very smart-looking Perdigon.

Several people tried their hands at tying those and other creations - there were more vices there than in Amsterdam's red light district, and the more experienced tyers were generous with their time and tuition.

Keith also showed us how to tie a fairly simple but rather more controversial fly - the Squirmy, There was some discussion about Squirmies, as they have proved most efficacious in the recent high and coloured water, especially when paired with a very heavy nymph, perhaps on a dropper. On the other hand, there are others who would refrain from using something that looked so obviously like a worm, in favour of more authentic nymph imitations. Perhaps there is a place for squirmies etc in the most difficult conditions, particularly for the less experienced and skilful anglers, and especially if everything else has failed. Under more normal river conditions however, it's probably much more rewarding to use more conventional nymphs, and of course to use dries whenever conditions permit. Even better if it's a fly that you tied yourself. It would be interesting to hear your views on this, so do send in your opinions, and I'll add them to this blog entry.

Meanwhile don't forget to add 10th May to your diary for another convivial and stimulating evening with fellow members and lots of knowledge, as well as great Fish'n'Chips.

Tight Lines


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