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Funny-looking Trout?

Congratulations to Henry for proving once and for all that there really are Barbel in our section of the Teise, and big ones at that.

This was caught using coarse methods of course, specifically luncheon meat, anchored with 2 SSG weights, and it apparently put up a heck of a fight on a line dangerously close to its probable weight. Quite an achievement therefore, and maybe a challenge for some of our Winter Fishers. This was caught on Beat 3a (Stonebridge) which has only been opened up to Winter Fishing recently, and doesn't seem to have featured in many catch returns this Winter; no wonder it decided to lurk there. You may recognise the big pool above the series of bends down from the weir, but it's not an easy spot to fish, and can only be fished upstream.

We don't ask for Catch returns from coarse fishing normally, but we are interested in special catches like this, or in unusual catches of Grayling (especially in locations away from their known usual haunts). Feel free to use the catch returns for observations or comments if you wish, but we don't count any stats other than fly-fishing catches. Those have been painfully few this Winter, thanks to the weather, but one or two determined souls have still managed a few Grayling on small infected shrimps as well as the perennial squirmies, plus a few on tiny dries whenever conditions permit.

The variety of species in our river is a testament to its condition, and the varied micro habitats, continually being enhanced by the work parties. We're very lucky to have access to this resource, so do make the most of it, and we can all appreciate what we have.



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