Here are the Footfall Results

As promised at the AGM this week (and many thanks to those who attended), here are the Catch Returns for the 2021 Trout Season.

Download XLS • 81KB

I've converted the file to an older EXCEL format for compatibility but email me at if you want it in another format, or indeed if you have any questions about it.

Of course it would be great if we could increase the number of Catch Returns next season, including Blanks, as they really do have a big influence over stocking and other strategic decisions by the committee. Please encourage any members that you meet to put in a Return for each Beat they visit, each time.

In answer to a question at the AGM: we do want Catch Returns for the reservoir all year round, but we don't need Returns for Trout or Grayling out of their season, so no Trout now until April 3rd, and no Grayling during their Closed Season (between 14th March and 16th June).

Do feel free to add your comments on the river, conditions, predators etc, as well as which flies and techniques to use (or not). I will attempt to summarise and publish these periodically in this blog.

Any more suggestions for the blog, or contributions (including pictures) please email me.




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