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I'm sure I dropped that Tippet Ring somewhere here.

If you want to help Nigel find it, or even do something more useful on the river, now's your chance. We have a Work Party coming up this Saturday (25th May) where you can get stuck into some really useful activity on the river, all designed to enhance the fishing experience for everyone. You can probably do half a day's fishing afterwards if you like.

Just let Nigel know you're interested 07768 556934 .

I promise you'll enjoy it, and you'll learn more about the river.

Meanwhile lots of members are enjoying the decent weather and low water levels, even if it's not quite as clear as we'd like. That didn't stop one member catching 3 trout on Dry Mayflies on Beat 1 recently. Quite an achievement, and it should give us all hope!

Lots of members are catching Browns at the moment, and Beat 3C is fishing particularly well, and Beat 7 has produced some good Returns. Not everybody seems to be submitting Returns every time however (despite it being in the Club Rules), so please remember to do so, even if you have blanked. We really need to know.

It seems that successful nymphs lately have been Black PTNs, Duracell, Hydropsyche, and Quill nymphs, as well as Grayling Bugs, Hotspots and Damsels. It's always useful to hear which nymphs and dries are being successful, so do let me know.

Thanks, and see you Saturday perhaps?


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Jul 01

Hi Rob, I would recommend looking at the barbless flies website ( also worth subscribing to their emails, they give some great advice on fly choices Steve Clinning


May 24

Please could people give me some advice on fly selection and size. I am new to fly fishing and mostly blanking although i did manage to land a hard fighting rainbow on a caddis nymph fly. Pictures of successful flies and links to websites where I can buy barbless hooks and build a decent selection of flies for different conditions would be great. Thanks for your help in advance. Rob Meek

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