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Just when you thought it was safe to go back to the river ....

Every now and then we get a tale of a big one that got away (mine was a 4lb Rainbow that escaped from the net - and I had a witness). This week however we had a very experienced angler who's recently joined the club, and reckons his line was snapped by a monster specimen on Beat 3. Probably not quite like this ...

Photo Credit to Euan Rannachan

It apparently didn't seem like a Barbel, Pike or Carp, but was estimated about 10lbs given the savagery of the take and the ease of snapping the tackle. I can't help thinking that Stuart would have noticed a 10lb Trout going in during the latest stocking, but there seems to be something big lurking, so do let me know if you glimpse, or catch something that fits the bill, and a picture would be really appreciated.

There was a sighting of a large Carp on that beat recently, and certainly one or more decent sized Pike have been hooked there, but as an experienced coarse angler, Andy didn't think this behaved like one of those. No doubt he'll back with some heavier tackle to have another go, so we may get the answer in due course - watch this space.

This specimen apparently took a size 16 barbless Grayling bug, and that seems to be a trend at the moment. Not just the success of the Grayling Bug, but small nymphs. A lot of fish have been caught on #16 and #18 nymphs recently so don't be afraid to go small, even if you want to catch big.

This is one of Keith's proven Graylling Bugs in #18, and I'm sure Keith will be demonstrating these again at the next Fly Tying Evening in the Autumn. Now if anyone knows how to get it out of his finger, do let him know.

In addition, if anyone knows where all the Grayling have gone, I'd be interested to hear that too, now that they're back in season. I spent some time recently searching the usual haunts on 3B with some tiny dries. I saw very few rises, though a lot did come and look at the dries. but when I eventually managed to catch one, on a #20 dry gnat, it turned out to be a small Dace, and I suspect the others that did rise were also tiny Dace. I'll keep looking anyway, as I need the practice to actually hook one, or even a small Dace. That's the fun of fishing though. - it would be boring if I didn't have to work so hard at it.

Enjoy the decent weather, and the good water levels, and do try a dry if you spot any rises - it's alwas worth it.

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