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Never a complete Blank.

There are some days when it doesn't matter what you do (within the rules), the fish just don't cooperate. The nice thing about fishing the Teise is that you can always move on to a more promising spot, even if it doesn't deliver either. In the meantime however, you'll probably see something that makes the trip worthwhile. If you don't blink too often you'll probably see a kingfisher flash past. If you stay alert at Share Farm, you'll probably spot a Mandarin Duck; the female looks a bit like a female Mallard but just a bit more oriental, with a distinct white eye-stripe. The male Mandarin is spectacular of course, but rather shy, and yesterday I saw a gaggle of Mandarin ducklings - a real treat. It's not just birds, though I did hear a Nightingale last year on an early visit to Share Farm, and they can be heard at Stonebridge on a May evening. The road down to Share Farm had a handful of Early Purple Orchids a few weeks ago, all withered now, but Trottenden has made up for it with this beauty on the river bank.

This is a Common Spotted Orchid that I spotted yesterday in the field near Iron Bridge. Have a look before they cut it for silage. If you have any special pics from the river, send them to me on to share them with other members.



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