No excuses

The work party did a terrific job at the reservoir on Saturday, clearing the banks, widening the existing spots and lowering the back cast foliage. We even created a completely new casting spot, so no excuses now for not catching those reservoir trout - they must be huge by now.

The fact that four of us stayed on for an hour or so to fish after the work was finished - and caught nothing between us - should not deter anyone else. Clearly they had been disturbed by our industriousness and were staying down until we'd left.

I'm sure that anyone who does visit now will want to thank the team for a great job, so well done Adrian, Andrew, Christophe, Keith and yours truly, and Nigel of course for organising another very successful and even enjoyable get-together. At least you can guarantee a worthwhile trip when it's a work party, even if you blank.


Peter B


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