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Well, nothing very extraordinary anyway. The river level has been a fairly steady 30cm+ most of the time, and is still clearing very nicely. There has been no stocking since May, so catch numbers for Rainbows are down,understandably, but there's a steady flow of returns, and more members are catching Browns and Grayling, often on dries.

You have hopefully seen the note about not returning Rainbows in July and August, since they might not survive the higher water temperatures, especially after a long fight. The water temperature is still below 15 degrees at present, so don't worry too much if you forget the odd one while you get used to the new rule.

A 4lb Rainbow has been caught twice at Harpers in the last few weeks (unless there's more that one), so watch out for that, but do have a go for the Grayling, as it's great sport and keeps you on your toes. Light lines and rods and tiny flies are the way to do it, and just hope you don't attract that monster rainbow on that gear.

Don't forget the river work-party on 22nd - always good fun, and actually rather useful too.

Tight Lines


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