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One Small Step, and a giant leap.

Updated: Apr 23, 2023

Actually, quite a few small steps; all designed to enhance your angling experience at Trottenden, Beat 2a. Nigel, Keith and I, spent a pleasant morning digging out new steps and putting in new plates and posts to try and stop them crumbling quite so fast.

You'll find these improvements in the first two fields moving downstream from SmallBridge (Trottenden Farm end). We also removed a few particularly annoying obstructions from the river in field 2 which should improve the fishing significantly there.

We would have worked on and got a lot more done, except for an important appointment at the Halfway House. We reckoned we'd earned it.

All we need now is for the river level to drop and the water to clear, and there'll be no more excuses for a blank there. No pressure then.

Tight Lines

Peter B

P.S. This indomitable trio returned to the fray once more on Saturday, and managed to finish all the rest of the steps and ropes all the way along Beat 2a. We have put in a completely new set of steps in the field nearest the Iron Bridge, and cleared some major blockages.

The new stiles are working so well that we even managed to get the wheelbarrow over them, and we repaired the crumbling pathway there as well. A good morning's work for sure.

I also tested the river to make sure we hadn't adversely affected the fishing in any way. Sure enough, I failed to land any trout this time either, so definitely no worse that it was before.

The water was actually clearing a bit before the latest rain, and it briefly dipped below 40cm , despite a healthy flow being pumped in from Bewl. I guess even a drought can have an up-side.


Peter B

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