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Party Time Again

To celebrate the delightful drizzly dull Spring morning, a dozen brave souls assembled at Trottenden today for another Work Party to ensure the river is in perfect condition for the forthcoming season.

These were most of the heroes, plus Keith of course behind the camera, and Nigel even managed to 'volunteer' his brother and nephew to join in the fun. Naturally we had coffee, tea, sausage rolls and doughnuts, thanks to Andrew and Nigel - what more do you need for a party?

Starting in Field 1 by the Pumping Station, we found that the huge dam that had built up there over many years, had not only disappeared downstream, but the platform and tree there had completely vanished too. As we made our way downstream, we steadily discovered one tree after another lodged in various spots. There were lots of strange obstacles in the river, but we managed to remove most of them

We also cut back a number of overhanging branches, and lots of brambles, repaired and tidied up the steps, and replaced those which had been washed away. There's still more to do, and possibly extra spots to be created, but it should be in fine fettle for April 4th. Contact Nigel if you want to join the next work party on 30th March, or there may even be opportunities for ad-hoc hit squads before then. Either way, it's definitely a good way to spend a few hours, share stories and experience, and really get to know the river.



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