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Spring at last!

Over the last few weeks, I'm sure many of you have been struggling to find a day when the weather was OK and the river low enough and clear enough to give you a fighting chance of catching a fish. The last few days have certainly fixed that, and plenty of interesting Catch Returns coming in. Do bear in mind that it is the closed season for all Coarse fish as well as Grayling, so if you catch one, treat it carefully and return it quickly, and move on. Even if you don't catch anything, the river still has some treats at this time of the year.

The Wild Garlic has just about gone now, but you may spot some orchids such as these Early Purple Orchids that Tony spied at Bockingfold.

You can also see some of these along the Share Farm lane, and if you listen carefully either early morning or evening, you may hear a Nightingale in the scrubby woodland opposite the car park.

Enjoy the good weather while it lasts and don't forget the Fly-Tying in Lamberhurst again next Wednesday evening.



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