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Teise Tales

Many of you will be pleased to see that one of our star members, Jeremy Lucas, has kindly written another chapter of his Tales of the Teise, about his experiences in 2021. Well worth a read on the website of course, and any other budding Jeffrey Archers out there are encouraged to put quill to parchment if they wish.

Meanwhile those dozen or so members who have signed up for Winter Fishing have had unseasonably mild weather and low river levels so far, and been making the most of it. The Grayling have been challenging, but I landed a lovely 16" specimen the other day which is my catch of the year and will be hard to beat (for me anyway). This was trying out my new Euronymphing rod and a heavy tungsten jig PTN, so it's good to learn new tricks and get rewarded. Lots of other coarse fish have been landed using more traditional coarse techniques; if only those pesky trout would stop butting in. The opening up of Beat 3a (Stonebridge) to Winter Fishing has been a big bonus and is both peaceful and rewarding on a sunny Winter day.

Remember that Grayling shouldn't be caught after 14th March until 15th June, but as they're not all that easy to catch, you should be OK if you don't target them.

Happy fly-tying if that's how you spend the Winter months, and there will be news before too long about signing up for next season - that must be a great bargain still, but make sure you respond quickly as there's always a queue for places.



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