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The Teise First XI

This is probably the first time a Teise working party has occupied 11 members for a very enjoyable morning, and they were so productive!

Actually everyone had been working very hard, but enjoyed a well-earned break for a drink and some home-made delicacies (thanks Andrew, Tony and Andrew), and thanks to Keith for the pic.

In case you don't believe how hard we worked, visit the 2nd field of Beat 2a and see if you can identify these 4 luxury fishing spots - 2 of them brand new and two restored and improved.

Not a bad morning's work I hope you'll agree, so do make the most of them, but you might need a slightly longer net for one or two of them. I hope they help a little, but we enjoyed constructing them anyway.

Meanwhile, the river is fishing very well for some, and a bit more challenging for others, despite the clear water and consistent level. Stocks of Rainbows are slowly diminishing but there are still plenty around, plus some good catches of Browns (often less than 12" and thus liklely to be wild), plus Grayling of course, and some good catches of Roach and Bream, plus a clear sighting of a Barbel. If you're struggling to catch even when you can see the fish, try going smaller, down to size 18 or even 20, as that often works with Grayling, and probably others too.

Enjoy the temperate weather while it lasts.

Tight Lines


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