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Too Late!

You've missed the last Fly-Tying evening of its first season, so you'll either have to do it yourself, or just buy them, and go fishing instead. It was another most enjoyable evening with excellent food and beer, (and a very tasteful playlist of soul classics in the background) as well as jolly good company. It was particularly worthwhile as we had 4 new members attending, and I'm sure they went away with more than just a few tips on fly tying.

Keith once more demonstrated remarkable prowess in tying a hydropsyche nymph, a Grayling bug, and a chewing gum peeping Caddis, and several others tied their own versions. Meanwhile, in keeping with my Rubbish Flies theme, I tied a couple of Franken-squirmies, and some size 22 buzzers, all without using any thread whatsoever. You'll have realised I am rubbish at proper fly-tying, so I have developed my own technique using tiny strips of self-amalgamating rubber tape (the sort you repair leaking pipes with). It provided an amusing diversion anyway.

It was a fun evening, and it really is a useful way for new members to get to know about the river and club, and to meet some other members. Unfortunately you'll have to wait until the Autumn now before the next meeting happens, but do contact Keith or The Secretary if you want to be on the invitation list for next time.

Meanwhile, Tight Lines.


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1 Comment

Apr 13

Lovely evening! Good to meet everyone.


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