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Ups and Downs

Updated: Oct 9, 2022

Apologies for the radio silence for a while, but thanks to those still sending in your Catch Returns - they are all read and appreciated.

The river level has been up and down quite a lot lately, and so have the numbers of fish caught. I haven't managed to correlate the two elements, and indeed some anglers are having equally up and down days on the river.

Since the last stocking there has been a surprising number of blanks or low catches, but interspersed with full or nearly full bags. My own experiences have been similar, though I think I've now managed to get back in the groove (as it were).

One thing has stood out, which is that everybody has complimented the quality and condition of the Rainbows recently, and they have put up some strong resistance. I can testify to this myself, and I recall catching one which I initially thought was a log as it was so heavy and still, until it raced across the pool.

There have been good returns at Trottenden and Harpers, though Share Farm has proved a challenge for most so far. I can say however that I hooked two nice Rainbows in a brief 15 minute session there last week, though they both managed to wriggle off my barbless hooks, so they are definitely there.

I have been relying on heavy tungsten bead Jig-tied nymphs tied with lots of loose Alpaca fleece, giving them a good bit of movement, very loosely modelled on a Hydro Caddis. Others have done well with Perdigon or similar nymphs, and sometimes with a touch of pink, even the famous double-beaded Grayling Bugs, as well as GRHEs and more conventional Hydro Caddis nymphs.

Do let us know what you've caught on, to help your fellow anglers - there's plenty of fish to go around.


Peter B

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