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Walking the Beat

In anticipation of the new season (April 3rd) we've prepared some new guidance, particularly aimed at new members, but also those who haven't fished all of the main beats yet, or were not sure exactly where to try. First of all, there's a revised Beat Guide with a very broad overview, as well as an updated Beat Map. Building on that, we have a new Car Parking Guide, with Post Codes and What3Words references to help locate them. That should get you to the start point.

Of course, once you reach the river, it's not always obvious where to fish, so now we have a new Spot Guide as well. Did you know we have more than 100 identifiable fishing spots spread along Beats 1 to 3. The map of them bears a slight resemblance to that stalwart nymph of the swollen chocolate covered river, the Squirmy Wormy.

This map doesn't help much of course, but each of these blobs is a What3Words location, and they're all embedded in the Beat Spot Guides, which are all now available on the Members Page of the website. If you're not familiar with What3Words, you can ignore those references and just follow the Spot Guide for each beat. You can learn all about What3Words at but whatever, I hope you find the Spot Guide useful. Please let me have any feedback about the Spot Guide, and don't forget you can now add comments to these blog posts.

Meanwhile the river has been re-stocked, though statistically there should be loads of fish still there from last season anyway. Once again we've been unable to stock Beat 2b (Share Farm) due to the soggy ground, and Bockingfold (Beat 7) is not yet available to us, but we expect that it will be soon.

Enjoy the new season and Tight Lines


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Apr 05

Agreed with last comment, as a new member this will be very helpful.

Thanks you



Apr 02

Thanks very much - as a new member and not familiar with the river I'll really benefit from this.



Apr 02

You have done a very good job, with the spots guide. I think you make a very good PA. Cheers Tony 😀

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