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Wet or Dry?

The river is now fishing very nicely as it's down around 30cm though still has a bit more colour than one would expect. No idea why, unless they're pumping it in from Bewl. I fished 3b twice last week, and saw a few rises (other than Grayling) the first time, but surprisingly few the next time, despite fairly frequent sightings of Mayflies and Olives. I also discovered a new technique for fishing under these conditions as follows:

Would you say this is a Dry or a Wet Fly?

Of course it's a Dry Klinkhammer or at least a variation on it, doing the same job. You'll note the tied-in tippet ring for attaching the nymph when fishing Klink'n'Dink - I prefer that instead of tying off the bend of the hook. I was fishing this Klink'n'Dink technique on both days, but occasionally the current dragged down the Klink fairly deep, and that was exactly when I caught on the Kilink - four times! (and lost a couple more). On one occasion it was a more conventional Black and White Klinkhammer, but it still worked exactly the same way and only caught when drowned.

I guess the lesson is not to worry too much if the Klink gets dragged down. I can't imagine what the fish thought it was, but the 3 stocked Browns and 1 Rainbow ignored the tiny copper-ribbed Sawyer's KIller Bug I had on point and preferred this. Strange things, fish.

I hope you can make the most of the good river conditions while they last, but don't expect an easy ride, and do try fishing places where you wouldn't usually expect to find the fish. Even Beat 1 is fishing well at the moment, but that is not for the faint-hearted, so do be careful there.

Tight Lines


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