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Where have they all gone?

Ok, it's August, the river temperature was 19.3 a few days ago, so not surprising that the fish are making themselves scarce. You can see plenty of them in the beautifully clear water, but they really aren't interested in getting caught.

It seems that most of the membership are away on holiday too, not just from the slow trickle of Catch Returns, but from the rather underwhelming turnout for the latest work-party.

Luckily however, the quality of the three who did turn up on Saturday was extremely high (for the most part anyway), and we did get some very useful work done, yet again.

If you wander down below the tractor Bridge on Beat 3c, you'll know that much of it is very pleasant, but a bit shallow and wide and featureless, and thus not teeming with Trout and Grayling. We are attempting to improve on that, and 3 deflectors were installed on Saturday which should make quite a difference in time. There are 2 more above the one in the foreground, if you look carefully, so keep an eye on how the river develops. You'll probably know that the stretch above the Landslip Pool on 3b had this treatment a few years ago and is now an excellent run.

The lack of numbers wasn't really a problem, though we struggled to eat all the doughnuts and sausage rolls and drink all the home-made apple juice, but we persevered, so well done to Nigel and Andrew (and - er me) for another good bit of fun - er work.

Don't miss the next one.



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