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As some of you may already have observed, the river has had a fresh infusion of lovely rainbows, including a few whoppers, and, at last, some in Beat 2b, Share Farm. I have spotted plenty myself, but as ever, they are proving quite uncooperative at the moment. I did find that a touch of pink on a heavy nymph can help, as it sometimes does, but I also saw a very big one rise once.

That's not all the action however. As you'll be hearing from from our illustrious Chairman soon, there will be work happening later this month by the SE Rivers Trust on Beat 3a. It is scheduled to start on 18th September and you may see the effects on the lower part of Beat 3a and 3b, especially on Friday 22nd. This project is to create a refuge for smaller fish when we have heavy surges of water. It should enhance even further the amazing variety of fish and other creatures we already have in our river.

Talking of which, there have been several sightings of Barbel in the river recently, partly thanks to the lovely clear water of course. Do let us know if anybody catches one, (or anything else particularly unusual) and a photo would be great if it can be achieved without stressing the fish.

Meanwhile, enjoy the bonus summery weather and keep cool down at the river.

Tight Lines


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