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Who pulled the plug?

Updated: Jul 5

Well, we did actually. Keith and I found this languishing down a very steep drop on the edge of the big inaccessible pool on the bend in Field 4 at Trottenden. As I had my excellent handy Mark 4 line retriever with me (see previous blog), we were able to retrieve it, whereas the owner presumably couldn't.

Luckily it didn't let all the water out of the pool, probably because it wasn't actually a plug - somebody had been fishing and left their tackle behind. This is actually quite a powerful magnet, and clearly someone had been 'magnet fishing'. I tried it myself a while ago when a member dropped his phone in the river, but the magnet didn't work then, perhaps beacuse there wasn't enough metal in the phone, or maybe it was just washed away, or stuck.

It made me wonder what the person was after in that big pool. The only answer I came up with was that it might have been an American poacher and he was hoping to catch a few Steelheads.

Delighted to hear other (better) suggestions.



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