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Withdrawal symptoms

Many of you will be missing the chance to fish for trout by now, so don't forget that the reservoir is open all year round, and there should be plenty of fish in there if you have the skill and patience (I don't). I haven't seen any reservoir Catch Returns recently, so I guess it's not being visited? Please do submit a return if you do go, even if it's a blank - it is valuable.

Just in case you can't remember what a Teise Trout is like, here's a nice pic from Alex (from earlier in the season).

Of course you can still practice your skills on the river with a Winter Fishing ticket. There are plenty of our beautiful Grayling around, and lots of Chub and Dace, all of which may take a dry fly when the conditions are right, and will certainly take a small nymph.

We have opened up Beat 3a (Stonebridge) to Winter Fishing this year too, which is a very nice stretch to spend a few peaceful hours, trying not to catch any of the leftover Rainbows, but having some good sport. The river has been low and particularly clear until the recent rains, so maybe think about it for next year. If staying at home tying up some killer flies for next season is more your thing. then I wish you tight lines anyway.


Peter B

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