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April Fools

You always get some crazy people turning up at the river before the season starts, and today (April 1st) was no exception. Frankly with the snow and freezing winds this morning you'd have to have been daft to turn up even if it had been 3rd April, but that didn't stop Nigel, Keith and yours truly finding our way to Stonebridge and then Harpers. Actually we were there to add extra delight to the opening day by installing 3 more ladders, on Beats 3a, 3c and 4.

This has opened up 2 new fishing spots, and improved access to another. If you find the usual beats at Harpers a bit crowded in the early season, do sample the relative peace and quiet of Beats 3c and 4, or wander up to 3a. There are now 3 very nice spots not far below the Green Concrete Bridge on Beat 4, so be sure to meander down and try them this season.

Don't forget to put in those catch returns as well, and remember, there will be a prize draw at the end of the season if you do.

Tight lines as they say (hopefully not because your fly's caught in a tree).


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